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It's a great pleasure to give you my personal tour of Jackals Dans and share its tranquil yet fragile beauty. Click on each of the links below to be taken to a whole new gallery of beautiful pictures.

  • The Waterhole

    Several acres of irreplaceable fynbos vegetation were devastated by sand mining several years before I bought Jackals Dans.  On the other hand, the quarry pit has now provided a new water hole over summer an otherwise dry area.  Animals and birds are drawn naturally to this spot.
    Game occurring naturally includes baboon, Bushbuck, Rooikat (Caracal), Bat-eared Fox, Genet, Grysbok, Hare, Honey Badger, Klipspringer, Otter, Porcupine, Rhebuck (grey), Steenbok, Yellow and Grey Mongoose and a variety of snake species. Unfortunately I am not always in the right spot at the right time to take pictures.
  • Flowers

    Fynbos (fine bush) is the characteristic vegetation of the Cape Floral Kingdom, the smallest of the six floristic kingdoms of the world - with an astounding total of 8,600 species (more than in Great Britain). All year round, Mother Nature gives me spectacular flowers at my front door, at my back door and generously blankets the green slopes that I see from my windows. This is my personal garden - no planting, no mowing, no effort. Thank you, Mother Nature.
  • Views

    The higher you go, the better it gets. Or maybe not. Whether you look north to the aptly-named "Heaven and Earth" (Hemel en Aarde) mountains or south to the turquoise ocean, up east to the Onrus Mountain peaks, or west to Betty's Bay and Kleinmond, each vista is unique and equally breath-taking.
    I never get tired of the view. Every one.
  • Sunsets

    For every magnificent and brilliant sunset, there should be a glass of fine Cape wine to celebrate its grandeur.  One of my life goals is to be that person, with that glass, enjoying that sunset. Such heaven! Sitting on my porch at Jackals Dans at sunset, I am as close to heaven as I can get on this earth.  Of course - that's why it's called Heaven and Earth Valley!  So 'm not the first to feel this way. Darn. Won't be the last either, for sure.

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